Cheryl Cole Puts The Brake On Dizzee Rascal Duet!

Cheryl Cole and Dizzee Rascal’s collaboration has been dramatically put on hold, after the Girls Aloud star decided to focus all her attention on conquering the US market instead. According to The Daily Star (Sunday), the ‘Fight For This Love’ singer is hoping to have a short break before she starts a gruelling US promo campaign – and shelving her duet with the Bow MC was one of the casualties…

“She has been working non-stop promoting the album since recovering from malaria and she needs a break,” a source revealed to the tabloid newspaper. “She told her record label she didn’t want to heavily promote ‘Everybody, Everyone’ so the release has been scrapped over fears it would be a flop.”

“Cheryl’s team were shocked by ‘The Floods’ disappointing chart position and they didn’t want to risk another failure and jeopardise her reputation,” the insider continued. Another concern was that Cheryl had too many work commitments. She’s still in the running for the US X Factor and didn’t want to do any more interviews to promote new material back home.

“Something had to give so her team decided to pull any further single releases for the time being. So much has been built up about Cheryl cracking America she’s terrified she will look like a failure if it doesn’t happen,” the source added. Cheryl knows it will be difficult for her to launch a solo career in the States without the US X Factor so she’s pulling back on her UK commitments to make sure it happens.”

Dizzee Rascal came second on Sunday nights MTV Presents Best Of The Best: UK MCs 2010, stay tuned to The Wrap Up to see the uncut full version – which will be online soon!

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