Lil Kim: “I Love Lady Gaga”

It seems like whenever we hear about Lil Kim these days, she’s always badmouthing her arch enemy and fellow female rapper, Nicki Minaj. Well, not this time.

It seems the Queen Bee is in a more loving mood. During a recent interview with, the veteran MC gushed about Lady GaGa, describing the pop superstar as “wonderful” and “phenomenal.”

“I love Lady GaGa. Anything she does, I love,” Kim explained when asked about GaGa’s new record-breaking single, ‘Born This Way’. “Even if it’s not my favourite Lady GaGa record – she’s just phenomenal. She is so cute.”

When asked if she thought the flamboyant singer had taken a page out of her book, Kim added: “I see that. I can see some of my influences too, but you know what I love about it? She just made it her own.

“She went in a direction that is her own. I would never try to go in that direction. She went in a direction where I love to watch her.”


Words: Vanessa Laker (@VanessaLaker)


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