Odd Future’s Frank Ocean Arrested & Released!


It’s fair to say Frank Ocean is not a fan of the police. The Odd Future star took to his twitter to express his hatred for cops, revealing he’d been arrested and bailed…

He tweeted: “Just got out of jail. Would like to go on record saying..fuck the police. fuck LAPD to be specific. fuck a cop, non-stop. frank will never speak to a cop again in his natural life. i have no respect for police. I swear if i weren’t sane in mind I’d throw a fuckin molotov in a cop car right now. Cuh had napoleon complex. and seemed really sad that he was on that lame ass bike patrol. what’s your #fuckthepolice experience? somebody bring the LA riots back.”

I’m so pissed I’m missing OFWGKTA’s live show tonight at the Village Underground *BB sadface*

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