Ryan Giggs Officially Named As The Love-rat Super-Injunction Footballer

Yesterday Ryan Giggs’ badly kept secret was finally out, as it was revealed in the House of Parliament that the Manchester United legend was in fact the footballer who had taken out an expensive super injection to stop the media from covering or even mentioning that he had an affair with lads mag model Imogen Thomas.

The soccer idol’s six-month affair with the former Big Brother star was rattled out by The Sun newspaper, but it was Giggsy’s shocking nature of how determined he was to keep the truth from coming out that has really made him look bad.

After being caught cheating, he ruthlessly dropped his mistress like a hot potato and hit her with legal papers saying she’ll go to jail, should she ever speak about the affair. And while his identity was kept a ‘secret’, Imogen was left to face the heat alone.

Of course she was in the wrong too, so she only has herself to blame, but why it’s OK for her to be ousted and hounded by the press and not him, just seems totally unfair.

But the thing that really made this story ridiculous is when Giggs’ legal team tried to sue Twitter and their laughable attempts to stop users of the micro-blogging social networking site for tweeting about the affair, saying they could face two years in jail. Yep all 75,000 of them – which is just damn right ridiculous.

As a hardcore United fan, it’s very disappointing to see one of our greats fall from grace at such a pivotal point in his career. But what will make this worse is not the fact he cheated on his wife. He could have just come clean, said sorry and people would have eventually forgiven him and forgot about it within four months. I’m sure another footballer with a wondering eye would soon come along and steal his thunder.

But is was the silly lengths Giggs went trough, in order to try and keep the sordid affair a secret and his attempts to sue twitter, that is what will really make this story and run.

Personally, I blame his lawyers for even thinking that they could successfully go up against Twitter, that’s just stupid. They should have known better.

I hope Ryan Giggs can publically get through this and won’t be remembered as that ‘super-injunction footballer who slept with that chick from Big Brother’. Because let’s face it, the tabloids are going to go to town with this story….


One response

  1. Poor mr.Giggs, though you have millinons, learn to be humble and
    accept your mistake. Chin up, all will be forgotten soon.

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