Plan B Admits To Taking Heroin As A Teen!

He’s admitted to  using drugs during his wild teen years and now Plan B has revealed he once used heroin while attending Glastonbury Festival over a decade ago.

The platinum-selling Brit opened up to The Sun newspaper about his experience with the class A drug.

He said:

“I was 16 and didn’t have any money. The first night we were there, me and my mate popped a couple of pills. The next night, this Northerner asked us if he could use our fire and we were too young and too scared to say no.

“He got this foil out and started smoking heroin. We started asking him about it and then he told us that he did heroin because he was abused as a child. Then he asked if we wanted some. So, like idiots, we took some of his heroin and on the last night we smoked it. It was the first and last time I ever did it. I’m never going near it again. My head was spinning like I was drunk.”

Plab B will perform on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury this coming Sunday.


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