Alicia Keys Open Up About Motherhood!

She’s constantly globe trotting around the world for her music and various charity work, so it’s easy to forget that Alicia Keys is also a dedicated and hands on mum. The soulful singer recently sat down with MTV USto open up about motherhood and all the joy it brings.

On being a mom 
The past year has been incredible; just so many blessings, being able to be a mommy, being able to be a wife and just really finding my center and my place of comfort and knowing myself and feeling really solid. Being a mom is like, spectacular. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had, period. I feel like I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had in my whole life. I feel like I’m definitely more creative. I’m more thoughtful about my plans and the things that I do, so overall everything is like a hundred times better. I’m loving the process and I plan for it to continue to grow as time passes.

On not getting any sleep because of the baby
I never was one to get a lot of sleep anyway, because of the nature of what I do and how much we fly and how much we work. So honestly, I’ll tell Egypt, That’s all you got?! You only got waking up every three hours, that’s it? C’mon! I guess in a way, I was built for it.

‘Superwomen’ isn’t just a song…


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