Justin Timberlake Buys Shares In Myspace!

He may have starred in a film about Facebook, but Justin Timberlake is all about Myspace. The singer-turned-actor will play a “major role” in the $35 million dollar revamp of the once popular site.

the 30-year-old star has teamed up with a US advertising agency to buy Myspace from News Corp and will “lead the business strategy” for the struggling website. But the $35m (£22m) price tag is a mere percentage of the $100m (£62m) News Corp is believed to have originally wanted.

With Facebook and Twitter now dominating the market, execs believe a young popular celebrity like Justin will help reinvent the fallen social network site.

Justin expressed his joy at signing his new business venture in a statement:

“There’s a need for a place where fans can go to interact with their favourite entertainers,” the singer said.

“I’m excited to help revitalise Myspace by using its social media platform to bring artists and fans together.”

Myspace really has gone downhill in the last few years and with Facebok and Twitter doing so well, I’m not sure if even the mighty Justin Timberlake can save them. But hey, you never know. Only time will tell…


One response

  1. Goodluck, Justin Timberlake. looks like he got too excited in his role in the movie “The Social Network”

    There’s one that exists MUCH greater than Google+ and Facebook. Who? OnlyMeWorld. Don’t let the name throw you off; it has the potential to be bigger than the above-mentioned. Why? With all the problems that exist from such sites affecting the users PRIVACY, it is only right to have a social network that won’t sell your information, recognize your FACE, make money off your site, and ask for every other piece of information you have to your name. I’m sorry but I don’t feel the need to verify my Facebook account with my PHONE NUMBER, do you? And the new Google+ share circle–NO. Even if you post something intended for just YOU and a FRIEND, you click that little circle and off it goes shared to the worldwide web. Even if it’s set to private! Though you probably know the same goes for facebook.

    OnlyMeWorld.com –I love this site. I DID NOT need to use any of my real information to create the account, not even a real email. And an extra bonus is the ability to place Google Adsense Ads on your personal site and actually YOU–yes YOU, the user, gets paid for it! GENIOUS!! That and the geek within me loves the Games, Blogs, Video Chat etc…all in one place.

    on ONLYMEWORLD.com you can network within your specified job field. If you’re a Healthcare Networking, join the Healthcare Network, etc.

    Check it out 🙂

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