Ashley Cole & Jay-Z To Open London Restaurant & Club!

Life is good for Ashley Cole, not only is he back with ex wife  Cheryl, but the England and Chelsea defender has just revealed he is set to open up a restaurant and club in London, with rap mogul Jay-Z, a venture that will be an extension of Jigga’s 40/40 empire.

The 30-year-old footballer also aims to help long-time unemployed people and train young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to  work at the restaurant – which  is scheduled to open in 2012.

Cole told The Sun:

“It is really exciting to be working with a star like Jay-Z.

“And the fact we can help unemployed people by training them up and putting them to work at a top place while also helping charities makes it a great project.”

I’ve gotta hand it to Ashley’s PR team, over the last few days they’ve done a really good job in changing his very tarnished public imaged. And I think Ash and Jay-Z teaming up for a club is a very cleaver business idea. Movida and Chinawhites better watch out.


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