Adele Knocks Eminem Off As ’21’ Becomes Biggest Selling Digital Album In US History!

Things just keep getting better and better for Adele. Last week it was revealed Eminem was the first artist to sell one million digital albums, but this week the Brit singer has knocked the ‘Love The Way You Lie’ rapper off  the record books, as her sophomore album 21 has now sold more digital units than Slim’s Recovery.

21 has become the biggest-selling digital album to date in the US, shifting over 1.017 million downloads compared to Recovery‘s 1.005m.

“[Adele is] not just a digital phenomenon. She appeals to older consumers, who will still buy full albums, and to younger people who may just buy a single track,” Billboard’s associate director of charts and retail Keith Caulfield explained.

“She connects with people in a way where they feel she is a ‘full-package artist’ and you want to hear everything she sings.”

Congrats to Adele, it’s so good to see British music dominating the American market for once.


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