Adele’s ’21’ & ’19’ Are 2011’s Best Selling Albums!

You gotta hand it to Adele, she’s practically walking all over the music industry right now. Her latest album ’21′ has been in the top five, for what seems like iternity, going to number one in multiple countries, including the US. And not to mention her debut album ’19′ has also been in the top ten for practically equally the same amount of time.

And now it has been revealed that the 23-year-old’s first two albums are  two of the best-selling LP’s of the first half of 2011 in the UK.

The ‘Make You Feel My Love’ singer topped the list with her second album ’21′, which has shifted over 2.6 million copies in the UK since its release in January. And her debut record ’19′ came in second place. Despite being released  over three years ago,’19′ has sold over 800,000 units in 2011 alone.

It was also revealed earlier this week that Adele’s recent single ‘Someone like Like You’ is the first song to sell over a million copies this decade.

A HUGE congratulations to Adele. And what makes her success even more commendable, is that unlike most female musicians, she doesn’t rely on her looks or wearing skimpy outfits to help boost sales. It really is all about the music and her voice. We salute you Adele.


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