Beyonce’s Dad Denies Steeling From His Daughter!

A few months ago Beyonce and her father parted ways, shocking many in the industry, as Matthew Knowles had managed his superstar daughter’s career from the very beginning.

Now the real reason for the farther/daughter break up has come to light, after Matthew filed legal documents which reveal the real reason he’s no longer managing the ‘Single Ladies’ singer is because Beyonce is under the impression he stole lots of money from her.

According to the documents, Mathew alleges Live Nation Entertainment wanted to take a lot of money from Beyonce’s 2011 world tour, but Live Nation told Beyonce that Mathew, “had stolen money from Beyonce on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was not entitled to.”

Beyonce took notice of the loss of money and had an audit conducted, which came to the conclusion Mathew was stealing money from her, causing Beyonce to fire her father.

Matthew is denying all the allegations and wants a judge to get involed in order to clear his name.

It’s such a shame when families are torn apart over money. Hopefully these guys can sort this mess out without having to go to court.


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