Angelina Jolie To Give Up Acting?

No the screen siren is not giving up films, but Angelina Jolie has admitted that she’s lost some passion for acting. During a recent interview with the Finacial Times, the Salt actress reveals that in the future she plans to make less films and focus more on motherhood.

“As Brad and I get older we’re going to do fewer films,” Jolie revealed. “I’ve been working for a long time, he’s been working for a long time, we’ve had a nice run and don’t want to be doing this our whole lives. There are a lot of other things to do.”

The 36-year-old star confessed, “I don’t love [acting] as much [as I did]. I love being a mom,” before adding that she doesn’t plan to actually quit the Biz anytime soon.

“I’ve never not been grateful to be an actor, but I think when I was younger I needed [acting] more,” Jolie said. “I was trying to question things in life so you find these characters that help you find things and grow.”

“[Acting is] like being in therapy, in a way,” she continued. “You’re drawn to certain roles because they question something about life, or about love, or about freedom. You ask these questions as you grow up: am I strong enough, am I sane enough? Do I understand love, do I understand myself? I’m older and I know who I am, and I’m less interested in the character helping me answer something than in being able to answer it for myself, as a woman, as an adult, with my family.”


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