UK Riots: Police Release CCTV Footage of Rioters As Arrests Continue!

After four days of carnage, craziness and rioters running wild in England,  calmness has finally resumed in the UK.  And with all the drama under control, police are currently in full swing with their arrest operation. So far over a thousand people have been arrested – with a over two  hundred charged.

As the arrests continue, the Met have released a number of CCTV pictures to the public. In Manchester a mother saw her 15-year-old son on the news and handed him in to authorities. Click here to read that story.


Snacks: A youngster on his bike carries in a basket groceries suspected of coming from a looted Tesco
Hands full: A teenager clambers through the smashed window of a fashion store in Peckham
 A looter holds a haul of check shirts to match the one he's already wearing
Riots seen erupting in Peckham South East London as looters smash windows
A rioter throws ab object in front of a burning car
Quick escape: A looter stands in the window of a clothing store in Peckham last night
Two youths in the riots
Is anybody watching? Youths look out from a looted newsagents
A suspected rioter is detained by police

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