Pregnant glamour model walks the runway naked at London Fashion Week!

I’m all for pushing the boundaries in the name of fashion, but having a full nude runway show in order to promote hats just seems  a lot a little far fetched and more about ‘shocking’ people and gaining cheap publicity rather than  being primarily about the designs.

A model on the catwalk during a naked catwalk show by milliner Robyn Coles

Glamour model and former Miss Wales Sophia Cahill appeared at Welsh milliner Robyn Coles’ debut show wearing nothing but a series of striking hats.

She took to the catwalk at the White Rabbit Studio in Shoreditch, east London, with four other nude models, including actor and comedian Jeff Leach.

Coles, 31, from Pontypool, South Wales, said she wanted to include Cahill, who is a friend from home, because it is rare to see pregnant women on the catwalk.

‘She was one person I knew would be more than happy to get her kit off. I thought it would be nice she would be pregnant for the show. You never see that kind of thing in fashion.’

Coles said it was important for her to use models of different shapes and sizes in her show, but admitted her main motivation for getting them naked was for publicity.

Glamour model and former Miss Wales Sophia Cahill appeared at Welsh milliner Robyn Coles' debut show in London wearing nothing but a series of striking hats

‘As an unknown designer you have to find ways of getting people to your show. I wanted to use different models and different sizes. I’m a big believer in that. With accessories like hats it doesn’t mater what size or shape you are.’

In the show Cahill sported three peacock blue hats, all with blue and maroon adornments.

Coles said: ‘All the hats are felt for autumn/winter so they are ideal for winter weddings and races. Winter hats don’t have to be monochrome.’

The designer would not confirm if her future shows would feature fully nude models, merely saying: ‘I’ve got loads of stupid ideas for next time.’

Robyn Coles

Well the publicity stunt seems to have worked, as it’s made all the fashion headlines. But now let’s see if the publicity translates into hat sales….


2 responses

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  2. This is the problem with the fashion industry. If you make decent designs, you wont get any attention from the press. This woman is showcasing hats (which aren’t even all that mind you, and in order to showcase her hats, she’s using borderline pornography to gain publicity. Yes she’s caught everyones attention, but no one’s even looking at the hats. Is this what London fashion week has come to in order to stay relevant and the public eye and out do the other cities? It’s pathetic. Count me out. It’s all about Paris fashion week, at least they’re all about the designs!!

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