Beyonce & Kelly Still BFF’s

For all those doubting Kelly and Beyonce are still friends, this picture will prove the former Destiny’s Child ladies are still friends. It’s  been a while since the two were pictured together and since the band parted ways, the two have never worked together musically, so the gossip columns and blogs have been reporting the childhood best friends are no longer ‘sisters’.

Rest assure DC fans, all is well between the two singers. Kelly drove up to Manchester this week to join Beyonce watch her hubby Jay-Z and Drake perform live.

On other related DC news, it seems there won’t be a DC reunion anytime soon. Speculation has been rife recenty that the original ladies are all going to reunite for a tour and possibly release some new material. But Mathew Knowles – DC manager and Beyonce’s father – has released a statement saying there will be NO reunion.

Aw that’s a shame. But hey, The Spice Girls said they’d never reunite again, so all hope isn’t lost DC fans.