Chris Brown Accused of Stealing Fans iPhone!

Chris Brown has been accused of angrily snatching an iPhone in Miami.

I don’t how much weight this story has, as I know TMZ really don’t like Chris Brown. But the 22-year-old R&B singer doesn’t seem to be doing himself any favours. The US celebrity website is reporting Brown angrily snapped at a fan for taking a picture of him outside a night club, then snached her phone and sped off in his Mercedes. Oh dear.

Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

Chris Brown has been accused of angrily snatching some girl’s iPhone outside a nightclub in Miami this weekend … and driving off with it — law enforcement tells TMZ.

A rep for the Miami Beach PD tells TMZ, 24-year-old Christal Spann filed a police report Sunday for “robbery by snatching” — claiming she followed Chris and rapper Tyga out of Cameo nightclub early in the morning (see photo above) … and snapped a picture of Chris getting into his Bentley.

Christal told cops … Chris flipped out when he saw her camera phone– then grabbed it through the car window, saying, “Bitch, you’re not gonna put that on the Internet.”

According to the police report, Chris then rolled up his window and drove off — $500 iPhone in hand.

A rep for the Miami Beach PD tells us, no arrests have been made and no warrant has been issued yet. We’re told the incident is currently under investigation.

It’s not looking to good for CB…


New Music: Rihanna – Birthday Cake (Remix Ft. Chris Brown)

I’ve gotta hand it to Rihanna and Chris Brown for knowing how to generate the media’s attention. Last night RiRi finally dropped her controversial “Birthday Cake” remix – on her actual birthday – which features none other than her ex lover Breezy. The sexually charged song won’t help kill rumors that the former sweethearts are still lusting for one another. With lyrics such as:

“Girl, I wanna f-ck you right now.
Been a long time. I been missin your body.
Lemme lemme turn the lights down.
When I, when I go down it’s a private party.
Ooh ooh, it’s not even her birthday,
but I wanna lick the icing off.
Give it to her in the worst way.
Can’t wait to blow her candles off.”

Rihanna raps back:

Remember how you did it, remember how you did it
If you still wanna kiss it, come come and get it
Put a candle on my muthaf-ckin back, baby blow it..
Daddy make a wish, put this cake in your face..

Check out the full song below:

BET Awards 2011: Pictures + Full Winners List!

Chris Brown

Here in the UK we were all caught up with Beyonce fever last night as she tore down Glastonbury, but over in the States yesterday was all about the BET Awards and the night belonged to Chris Brown, who picked up the five gongs, including the coveted honour of Viewers’ Choice. The R&B star also collected the awards for Best Male R&B Artist, FANdemonium, Best Collaboration and Video Of The Year at the Los Angeles ceromony.

Below are pictures from the red carpet and the full winners list:

BET Awards 2011 – winners list:

Video of the Year: Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes – ‘Look at Me Now’
Video Director of the Year: Chris Robinson
Best Female R&B Artist: Jennifer Hudson
Best Male R&B Artist: Chris Brown
Best Female Hip-Hop Artist: Nicki Minaj
Best Male Hip-Hop Artist: Kanye West
Best Collaboration: Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes – ‘Look at Me Now’
Best New Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Best Group: Diddy-Dirty Money
Viewers’ Choice: Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes – ‘Look at Me Now’
Best Gospel Artist: Mary Mary
YoungStars Award: Willow Smith and Jaden Smith
Centric Award: Marsha Ambrosius
Best Actress: Taraji P. Henson
Best Actor: Idris Elba
Best Movie: ‘For Coloured Girls’
Sportswoman of the Year: Serena Williams
Sportsman of the Year: Michael Vick
Best International Act: Africa: 2face Idibia (Nigeria) and D’banj (Nigeria)
Best International Act: United Kingdom: Tinie Tempah
FANdemonium Award: Chris Brown
Lifetime Achievement Award: Patti LaBelle
Humanitarian Award: Steve Harvey

Chris Brown, Frank Ocean & Tyler The Creator End Their Beef!

The Bloods & Crips haven’t ended their rivalry, the Tories and Labour still can’t work side-by-side and Liverpool and Manchester United fans still hate each other’s guts, BUT the Chris Brown/Frank Ocean/Tyler The Creator Beef is officially over – HOORAY!

It was all fun and games when it was just a Twitter beef, but Chris Brown’s goons cousins tracked downFrank Ocean in his car and confronted the Odd Future star, whilst filming the whole thing on their phones. That’s when things just got a little bit too out of control, prompting Tyler to reach out to Breezy on Twitter and call a truce.

Here’s a little round up of how it all went down:

Tyler the Creator:
“I just feel like someone I know is gonna get hurt. You people reading this don’t even know”

“This Shit Isn’t Gonna Stop Till Someone Gets F–king Killed. I Feel Like Its Gonna Be One Of My Ni–as Just Skating Down The Street.”

“Send 7 Dudes With A Camera To Make Frankie Look Like A B–ch, Like, Really? And Its Not [Chris] That’s Doing It, Its The People Around Him. They Like ‘You Gonna Let Him Say That? Fuck That Ni–a’. This S–t Has Gotten Outta Hand. Real S–t.”

“@chrisbrown S–t Got Too Real On Both Ends. I’m Over It. We’re All Over This S–t. Its Stupid As F–k. Swag It Out.”

Frank Ocean
“alrite. this has to end. freeze on social networks for a minute. freeze on the internet. freeze on the matrix. real world time. brb,” he wrote.

Chris Brown
“This beef sh*t is stupid, @frank_ocean I respect ya music and you and Odd Future! Ain’t beefing wit nobody. Y’all can have that! Love.”

[Tyler responded], “@chrisbrown Sh*t Got Too Real On Both Ends. I’m Over It. We’re All Over This Sh*t. Its Stupid As F-ck. Swag It Out.”

The Game
“Just got off the phone with my lil brother @chrisbrown & then @f*cktyler. GET MONEY !!!”

A little twitter beef is harmless, but when it turns into real life, then it’s just pointless. I’m glad these guys managed to put their differences aside. The only type of beef fans wanna hear or see is the ones on the record, you know, like Jay-Z and Nas – where it was strictly all about the music and there was NEVER any intimidation or possibilty of violence erupting.

Chris Brown & Odd Future Beef It Out On Twitter (Again)!

Last month Chris Brown and Odd Future‘s Tyler The Creator had a little beef session on Twitter and last night the bleached haired R&B singer had a war of words on the social network site with bandmate Frank Ocean.

It all started when Breezy tweeted: “I fuck wit Frank Ocean! Reminds me of a young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum.” Although Chris was actually praising the talented singer-songwriter, Frank Ocean didn’t apprecitaie the compliment coming from Chris and responded by mocking the ‘Look At Me Now’ star: “I fucks wit chris brown, reminds me of a young sisqo or ike turner.”

And that’s when the beef began… An angry Chris snapped back, “it was a compliment you bitch ass nigga. Everybody claim to be the devil till they meet him.” To which the ‘Novacane’ singer calmly responded with, “i just dont like underhanded comments. thats all im saying.”

An angy Chris tweeted, “fuck odd future! Make sure y’all smalltime niggas stick yo chess out when u speak to me. Ain’t no battery in my back! U just getting on ass niggas! Don’t let them pills go to yo head!”

But as far as Frank Ocean was concerned, that was the end of it and he didn’t respond any further after that. But his group partner, Tyler The Creator, who has a long running beef with Breezy, wasn’t letting this one go so easily and took over from Frank Ocean, to have an online twitter spat with Chris.

Tyler taunted Breezy by saying, “What’s Wrong Christopher? Amber Rose Stole Your Style Bro Bro?”

Chris quicky swiped back, “I was tryna help yo sales nigga. You fuckin clown! You and @fucktyler would be casted great for planet of the apes… I never said one thing about y’all niggas and y’all started this!”

Both Chris and Odd Future reside in California and Breezy went on to claim the rap collective only had words for him online, but when they physically bump into each other, it’s a completely different story…

“I was on fairfax yesterday and your so called posse was super quiet. Get better soldiers,” Chris said. To which Tyler fired back with, “Coming From The Yellow RnB Nigga That Had 3 Bodyguards………By The Way, We Was In San Diego Christopher”.

Tiring of the slanging match, Chris then apologised to his fans, “to all my fans, I’m sorry these ignorant ass niggas got me down to their level,” he explained, before addressing Tyler one last time, “thats what they told you? All that tells me is that u hangwit busters. It was 10 of them. No and 2 relatives lol,” he added.

Tyler then taunted Chris, saying, “No Christopher, You Went Down ToOur… You’re Too Old To Be Putting LOL Christopher. But Forreal My Nigga…..Do You Like Soup? Like, Real Talk, You Act Like It.”

The pair seemed like they could have gone back and forth all night, but an unsuspectingly peacemaker came in the form West coast rapper, The Game, who’s known for his multiple beef.  The reformed rapper told the young stars to focus on music and themselves and not let beef ruin many career opportunites, like it did for him.

The Game tweeted: “focus on “YOU” blood. BEEF aint gettin n!ggas nowhere these days. All you do is LOSE, endorsements, appearances & oppurtunities. BEEF = nothing. #beenthereDONETHAT. BEEF, fucked off millions for me. Got one of my niggas shot. & broke up one of the biggest groups in rap history. #fact.”

When The Game of all people is telling you to squash a beef,  you should probably listen and call it a day. But something tells me this isn’t the last time Chris Brown and OFWGKTA will clash…

Chris Brown & Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator Tyler The Creator Clash On Twitter!

Celeb’s love to air out their heated opinions towards one another on Twitter and last night Chris Brown andOdd Future‘s Tyler The Creator got into a heated war of words on the social networking site:

Chris Brown and Tyler, the Creator

It all started when Chris tweeted the following: “All this demonic music is wack as shit!” the R&B singer stated. “I never claim to be no saint but by no means am I trying to promote death, violence,and destruction with my music!”

Many fans assumed he was talking about ex girlfriend Rihanna, who’s currently under heat for her controversial “Man Down” music video. But Breezy was quick to state he was definitely not talking about RiRi, writing “and for all the idiots in the audience this convo wasn’t for @rihanna.”

Odd Future’s music videos tend to play around with demonic-style themes and group frontman Tyler The Creator seemed to take offence from Breezy’s comments,  as he waged in on the debate and took a few shots at Chris. “Why Is Chris Brown Talking So Much Shit About Metallica? Weird,” he tweeted before taking the mic out of Chris’ blond hair. “Ni**a Look Like A Box Of Pops.”

Breezy quickly fired back at Tyler and his fellow OFWGKTA member Hodgy Beats, writing, “never mentioned @fucktyler or any of them Ni**as! General statement and your hype man hodgy caught feelings! #niggasthatfeelguilty.”

Now before we get all hype and call this a ‘new Twitter beef’, Tyler was quick to state these war of words did not mean he and Chris have beef: “Its No Beef Between Me And @chrisbrown . I Really Like That Fucking Song Tho [‘Look at Me Now’], No Being Sarcastic,” he said before throwing in one last jab. “@chrisbrown Do You Like Soup? Cause You’re Acting Like It.”

Chris Brown vs. Tyler, the Creator

Chris Brown Reveals M.I.A Duet!


Chris Brown has revealed that he has been in the studio with British female MC, M.I.A. The Beautiful People singer, who has previously worked with the likes of Lil Wayne and Chipmunk, posted news of their hook-up on his official website, fuelling speculation that a collaboration could be on the cards.

Brown wrote: “Was in the studio with the incredible M.I.A and Polow!! Amazing artist! Real talent (sic),”

Producer Polow then confirmed the news of a possible Breezy and M.I.A duet, taking to Twitter to telll his followers: “In the lab with the great @ChrisBrown THE LAB WIT THE GREAT @chrisbrown and the incredible @_M_I_A_ Thank you, Dear Lord!”

He added: “I’ve waited on this moment my whole career!!!! It’s happening. Magic is upon us. Let’s go!!!!”

It is currently unknown whether their collaboration will feature on a re-versioned edition of Chris’ latest LP, F.A.M.E., or if the track will appear on M.I.A’s forthcoming album – the follow-up to her 2010 release, Maya.

Chris Brown F.A.M.E Album Cover x Tracklisting!

Fresh from his Grammy nomination, Chris Brown is proving that his troubles are well and truly behind him, as he continues with his steep comeback. The R&B singer is set to release his fourth studio album, ‘F.A.M.E’, on March 22. Breezy’s latest offering sees him team up with the likes of Lil WayneLudacris and Justin Bieber, to name a few…

1.Yeah 3x




5.Another You

6.Rest Of My Life


8.Up To You

9.No Bullshit

10.Where Do We Go From Here

11.Beautiful People

12.Look At Me Now

In other Chris Brown related news, the R&B recently bleached his hair platinum blond – see pic below. I can’t say I’m a fan of Breezy’s new look…

Words: Vanessa Laker (@VanessaLaker)

Justin Bieber Teases Fans With Chris Brown Duet!

Justin Bieber has teased his fans by revealing that he’s currently in the studio with Chris Brown working on a track for Breezy’s new LP. The teen heartthrob and R&B singer had previously worked together on the remix song, ‘Up’, for Bieber’s new album – ‘Never Say Never: The Remixes’. But the 16-year-old hinted that was the ‘starter’ and described their upcoming collaboration as sounding “crazy.”

He tweeted: “Back from the studio finishing up a new record with @chrisbrown for his new album. We teased you with ‘Up’, you’re gonna go crazy for this one!”

When the pair first hooked up, the Canadian native revealed that Brown gave him some uplifting advice, telling the young star: “Just staying humble and remember that God got us in this position, so always make sure to just bless him and praise him.”