Drake Speaks Out On Lil Wayne/Jay-Z Diss Track!

As you may or may not know, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z are possibly in the midst of a brewing beef. Well in case you don’t know, here’s the 411…

Last week Weezy took a few swipes at Jigga on a new track titled ‘It’s Good’ – which was conveniently leaked online just before the release of the Cater 4 (I’m just saying).

Anyway, on the track, Wayne raps “talkin’ ’bout Baby money? I got your Baby money/ Kidnap yo’ bitch, get that how-much-you-love-your-lady money.”

Now Lil Wayne wasn’t just taking shots at Jay for no reason, the record is a response to Jay’s verse on ‘H.A.M’, where he takes a few shots at Weezy’s mentor Baby: “Really, half-a-billi?’ N—a, really, you got Baby money/ Keep it real with n—as, n—as ain’t got my lady money,” Jay raps.

So, a beef between Jay-Z and Lil Wayne? Well the problem is Drake and Jadakiss also feature on the supposedly diss track ‘It’s Good’. Although Drake and Kiss don’t actually say anything negative, some spectators may claim that them featuring on a track that disses H.O.V is still disrespectful – espeially considering Jay-Z and Drake are good freinds.

MTV US recently caught up with Drake to find out his thoughts on the record:

“I just got a beat and did a verse over it. Whatever any other individual has to say, you have to ask the man himself. I just did what I know how to do. I just got on a record. I heard the beat, did a verse and heard the final product.[…]At the end of the day, rap is an individual art. You express yourself and whatever you wanna say, you say it, so I guess that’s a question for Wayne more than me.”

While Drake was a bit more shy diplomatic with his answer, Jadakiss on the other hand was a bit more outspoken. The veteran rapper took to Twitter to air his opinion on the subject matter.

Yall hating ass c*cksuckers better chill..they only sent me a track wit NO verses and I recorded that verse 3 months ago! #leavemeoutofit.

When I DISS n*ggas or have a problem Wit ANY RAPPER I SAY THere NAMES without hesitation and YALL know this already!”

And that’s the story so far…

Drake Names Three Tracks From Take Care LP!

Rolling Stone were one of the lucky publications to have a preview listen of Drake‘s upcoming Take Carealbum. Drizzy confirmed that tracks “Shot For Me”, “Free Spirit” with Rick Ross and “The Real Her” with Lil Wayne will feature on his new LP.

Check out some snippets from the article:

He cues up several tracks in various states of completion, all of which sit squarely in the sparse, somber register that’s become his trademark. “Shot for Me,” the likely album opener, is a marvel of melancholy bravado: He sings “Bitch, I’m the man” in a moan that undercuts the brag, over a beat (courtesy of Shebib) that pairs aching synthesizer notes with an exhilarating barrage of high-hats. Other highlights include “Free Spirit,” featuring Rick Ross and the refrain “Tat my name on you so I know it’s real,” and “The Real Her,” a narcotically woozy love song with detuned pianos and a Lil Wayne guest spot. Drake is also looking forward to collaborating with Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a. buzzy R&B gloomster the Weeknd — and, if he gets his wish, veteran beatsmith DJ Premier, Florence and the Machine’s Florence Welch, and the xx’s Jamie Smith. “No matter who’s on it, it goes through the Drake filter,” Shebib says. “He’s so hands-on about how everything sounds.”

Rihanna & Drake Spend Quality Time Together In Canada!

There may be a new couple on the (hip-hop) horizon…

We all remember how Rihanna ‘broke Drake‘s heart’ by playing him like a “pawn” and making him feel “used” – his words not mine. Well it seems Drake just may have finally won over his lady. According to reports, RiRi and Drizzy spent this past weekend together in Montreal, Canada and according to eye-witnesses, the young pair were “joint at the hip” the entirely three days.

Yesterday evening the pair were even spotted leaving Drake’s hotel as they headed out for dinner at the Buonanotte Restaurant.

They sure do make a cute power couple. They could be the young Jay-Z and Beyonce… Maybe!

The Grammy Awards In Pictures!


Last night saw the annual Grammy awards and as always it never disapoints. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lady Gaga for coming out in an egg. Who does that? It’s Genius. Well I suppose she had to out do her VMA meat dress and my God did she.

The Grammys is the night where a lot of females put on their best frocks and hope to dominate the fashion and gossip pages, but there’s no outshining Gaga. This woman has got it on lock. Everyone else just comes second to her when it comes to stealing the limelight. Luvs it.

The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Check out some pics from the fabulous night:

Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow

Willow Smith and Lady Gaga

Nicki Minaj

Rihanna and Drake

Usher and Justin Bieber

Lady Gaga

Rihanna and Eminem

New Video | Nicki Minaj | Moment 4 Life | Feat. Drake {Official Video}

Nicki Minaj premièred her much anticipated  video for new single ‘Moment 4 Life’ last night on MTV US, which features fellowYoung Money rapper Drake.

The video plays off the Cinderella theme and sees one of Nicki’s many alter egos, Martha, play the role of “fairy godmother”.

Drake and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Moment 4 Life shot by Derick G

Check out the exclusive music video below…

Drake Live @ Hammersmith Apollo: The Review!

Something pretty special

This past Saturday rap’s brightest young star, Drake, brought his UK tour to the capital, for a string of headlining shows at the Hammersmith Apollo.

The Canadian rapper previously postponed his debut UK shows by six months, due to personal family issues, so it was fair to say his fans were eagerly awaiting to see the ‘Young Money’ star perform live.

With J Cole taking care of the warm up duties, concert goers were treated with an opening act, that was quite frankly worthy of headlining the entire gig. But not to be out-done, Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham put on a show, that I’m sure most of his fans inside the west London venue, would believe was worth the six month wait.

The 24-year-old came out to a frenzied-style response, as he entered the stage to his ‘Light Up’ intro. UK audiences gave the former child star a very warm welcome – boiling hot to be precise. He opened the show with a verse from ‘Forever’, which turned the already hyped Apollo theatre into a rave-like atmosphere.

His 60 minute set included snippet verses and hooks from both his highly successful debut album ‘Thank Me Later’ and his critically acclaimed mixtape ‘So Far Gone’. There were also added verses from his featured songs, including (Rihanna’s) ‘What’s My Name’ and (Young Money’s) ‘Bedrock’. The chopped down version of each song actually worked in Drake’s favour, as it kept the show moving and very fast pace.

For someone with only one official album under his belt, and who is still considered a ‘newbie’ in the hip-hop game, Drake’s list of hit songs were pretty impressive.

‘Successful’, ‘Fancy’ and ‘Over’ were general crowd pleasers. A personal highlight of the night came when Florence Welch (of Florence & The Machine) joined the rapper on stage to take care of Alicia Keys’ vocal duties for ‘Fireworks’. The south London songstress brought some much appreciated glam and strong melodic lungs to the show.

Although Drake has been the only rapper to successfully combine singing and rapping, his live singing vocals weren’t particularly strong on the night (he had told the crowd the previous night he was suffering from the flu). But when he rapped, he was so on point. His live MC’ing voice is just as clear and precise as his recording voice.

The down point of the show was his constant desire to ‘talk dirty’. Although the majority female crowd were lapping it up, all his talk about “The Drizzy 3 Stroke” and him attempting to demonstrate it, was slightly awkward, and more reminiscent of an R&B show as oppose to a hip-hop concert. Not to mention it completely froze out his male fans.

At times it seemed like a watered down hip-hop show and the constant sexual comments were slightly unnecessary in the context of a rap concert, but overall it was a great show, with an electric atmosphere. When Drake rapped and focused purely on lyrics and the music, it was something pretty special.

Drake Confirms Collaboration With Florence And The Machine & The xx!

With all the excitement about the BRIT Award nominations, it’s nice to see our talents being appreciated across the pond. Drake has confirmed that he has been collaborating with Florence and The Machine and Mercury Prize winners, The xx.

Florence Welch recently joined the Canadian rapper on stage during his London gig at Hammersmith Apollo, and now the 24-year-old Young Money star has revealed that after hitting it off at last years VMA’s, the pair are now creating sweet music for the bands new album:

“Me and Flo met the night after the VMAs, she came to the studio and we just clicked right away,” Drizzy told BBC Radio 1. “Last night we went to dinner at The Wolseley and we were all very loud and obnoxious in there. We were all just wasted.”

He continued: “It was this weird hippie joyous occasion in the studio. But on any other evening me and Florence can get in the studio and do something incredible and we will. We listened to all her new music and I picked which song I really want to get on.”

Drake’s love for UK music doesn’t just stop there. During the same interview, he expressed his love for London based three-piece band The xx and revealed they’ll be working together on his follow up album.

He added: “The praises I’ll sing most is definitely The xx and Jamie Smith, and we’re working on my upcoming second album ‘Take Care’ together. Jamie is probably one of the most exciting producers I’ve ever heard.”

Drake Talks UK Tour and J Cole Friendship!

If the excitement of Drake touring the UK wasn’t exciting enough, the fact that J Cole will be joining him makes it a night you don’t want to miss. The two MC’s will begin their European tour in January next year, and will play dates in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Drake recently spoke with The Source, where he revealed his exciting about headlining his first European tour and opened up about his friendship with J Cole.

“Just being with Cole and going to Europe for the first time, I wanted to do something different set wise and setlist wise,” Drizzy explained. “I wanted to bring an adaptive show out there.”

Many music critics and journalists have always pitted these two against each other as rivals, so for Drake, it was a nice twist for them to become good friends and embark on a tour together.

He added: “It’s great because before I got to talk to him I didn’t know where our relationship was heading. When I finally got to meet him I realized like ‘oh man, this guy is so easy to like.’ I know what people are trying to do between us, but I’m going to like this guy and we are going to be friends and make great music together, hopefully for years to come.

“Cole is one of those guys that I can coexist with even though we do two completely different things,” he explained. “I mean, the one area where we meet on is lyricism, but that should be the case with any rapper regardless of genre. I meet on lyricism with a lot of people.

He continued: “There are a lot of lyrical cats out there doing great shit. I mean, it’s really easy for me and Cole to get along, and getting along with someone like that usually leads to great music so being on tour that long and me having a new album on the way and him finishing his project, you never know. It’s something I want to do so I’m all in man, it’s whatever. ”

Drake to Host Canada’s JUNO Awards!

Drake has been announced as the host of the 2011 JUNO Awards. The Young Money rapper performed at last years bash, and after a very successful 12 months, the 24-year-old Canadian will now host the event, which takes place on March 27, in his home town of Toronto next year.

“I am beyond honoured to be hosting this monumental JUNO Awards in the greatest city on Earth,” Drizzy said in a statement released yesterday.

“I want to bring a youthful energy to the show and encourage people to be excited about what Canadian music has to offer. See you all at the show.”

Drake – who’ll become the youngest ever host of the JUNO Awards – was recently nominated for Grammy awards.