Don’t Be Mad At Gwyneth Paltrow, Be Mad At Jay-Z & Kanye West For Calling Their Song “N***as In Paris”!

Over the last few days I’ve read numerous blogs and publications bashing Gwyneth Paltrow for using the ‘N’ word on Twitter during a “Watch The Throne” gig in France. And by no means do I support the usage of such language, but I think the backlash is aimed at the wrong person.

The Hollywood actress – who’s BFF’s with Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce – got onstage with Jigga and Kanye West during the show and later tweeted a photo of herself standing near the rappers, with the caption “Ni**as in paris for real.”

And that’s when the outrage began. “How dare she use the N word?” Many gasped. “She should know better” a lot people said. Erm, shouldn’t Jay-Z and Kanye know better? If you’re going to name your song “N***as In Paris”, then what do you expect? She obviously didn’t mean it in an offensive way, but it’s clearly an offensive word.

I totally understand why people will say she shouldn’t have tweeted that, but what I don’t understand is that why is nobody criticizing the rappers? They’re the ones who are promoting the word like it’s ‘cool’. Let’s deal with the root of the problem. Let’s be mad at the ones who ignorantly promote the word, not just the fans who naively (and ignorantly) imitate them. I LOVE hip hop music – and Jay-Z & Kanye are two of my favourite artists – but I think it’s about time we heard less of the ‘N’ word in rap songs (especially in the songs title).

Here’s British rapper AKALA talking about why he’s decided to stop using the ‘N’ word in his lyrics.


Gwyneth Paltrow Does Rihanna For Glee!

If I’m being completely honest I wasn’t too exciting when I heard Gwyneth Paltrow was going to be on Glee. She’s always seemed a little stiff to me. But judging from these just release pictures, which shows MRS Martin doing a skit of Rahinna’s mega hit “Umbrella” I think I may have been wrong.

I’ve got a feeling the Gwyneth episode might actually be really fun…

Wireless Festival | Day 3 | Celebs Come Out For Jay-Z!

Yesterday was the third and final day the Barclay Card Wireless Festival. And as expected it was the best day of the three day music extravaganza. Jay-Z put on a great performance and set London’s Hyde Park a light (not literally… obviously).

Jay-Z’s headlining appearance brought in a pack of A-list celebs: Wife Beyonce was there supporting her man, Madonna came with  her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes, Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow also came a long and Girls Aloud party girl Sarah Harding was also an attendee.


Celebs Come Out For Diane Von Furstenberg

A list celebs were out in full last night in London city to attend Diane Von Furstenberg’s dinner party, which was held to celebrate the launch of the rooms and suites that she has designed for the central London hotel. Guests at the prestigious event included Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Mark Ronson, Jo Wood, Joan Collins, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more.