Don’t Be Mad At Gwyneth Paltrow, Be Mad At Jay-Z & Kanye West For Calling Their Song “N***as In Paris”!

Over the last few days I’ve read numerous blogs and publications bashing Gwyneth Paltrow for using the ‘N’ word on Twitter during a “Watch The Throne” gig in France. And by no means do I support the usage of such language, but I think the backlash is aimed at the wrong person.

The Hollywood actress – who’s BFF’s with Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce – got onstage with Jigga and Kanye West during the show and later tweeted a photo of herself standing near the rappers, with the caption “Ni**as in paris for real.”

And that’s when the outrage began. “How dare she use the N word?” Many gasped. “She should know better” a lot people said. Erm, shouldn’t Jay-Z and Kanye know better? If you’re going to name your song “N***as In Paris”, then what do you expect? She obviously didn’t mean it in an offensive way, but it’s clearly an offensive word.

I totally understand why people will say she shouldn’t have tweeted that, but what I don’t understand is that why is nobody criticizing the rappers? They’re the ones who are promoting the word like it’s ‘cool’. Let’s deal with the root of the problem. Let’s be mad at the ones who ignorantly promote the word, not just the fans who naively (and ignorantly) imitate them. I LOVE hip hop music – and Jay-Z & Kanye are two of my favourite artists – but I think it’s about time we heard less of the ‘N’ word in rap songs (especially in the songs title).

Here’s British rapper AKALA talking about why he’s decided to stop using the ‘N’ word in his lyrics.


Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Mathew Knowles Split And Looking For Love!

kelly rowland

Kelly Rowland is featured in the September issue of Vibe magazine and inside the X-Factor judge opens up about her split with Mathew Knowles and the R&B singer also spills the beans on love and dating.

Here are some snippets from the interview:

On If There Was Tension With Former Manager Mathew Knowles

No. It was just a feeling of growing and wanting to call my own shots. That was it. I thank Mathew for everything he’s done for me. He made me a millionaire at 18 years old. And then I felt like, “Well, I’m an adult now and I want to do things this way.”  I needed to be selfish for a minute. I had to reclaim my power.

Did he try to talk you out of it? 
Well… He just wanted me to be certain of my decision.

On if she felt  an “exhale” moment
I did, but I also felt like, Oh my God, what have I done?! I stayed in the house for two days. I was sad. It was like a funeral. I had to deaden that situation in order to start fresh. That’s a very long time to have the same manager and the same label.

On if she still talks to Mathew Knowles

It’s… I respect him above anything. [So things are cool?] Like I said, this man made me a millionaire at the age of 18. Taught us how to make money in the industry. I can never, ever forget that.

On how many times she’s been in love

Okay, then, I’m going to assume this was the guy you were going to marry?
Oh. In that case, twice. [Laughs] Yeah. Twice.

On if she wants a Mr. Right Now or a Mr. Right
I like a Mr. Right. I don’t want them hopping around with Sarah, Michelle, Jessica… I want him to be mine.

On if she’s had a situation with a Mr. Right Now
Um… [giggles]. Okay, yeah, I did have a situation like that. In London. And it was cool. But generally, that’s not how I get down.

On if she dates outside of her race
Absolutely. [Laughs] I’ve been down with the swirl.


Destiny’s Child Unite For Kelly Rowland’s Album Launch!

Destiny’s Child fans got a little glimmer of hope this week when Beyonce KnowlesKelly Rowland andMichelle Williams all gathered together for Kelly’s album release party on Tuesday night.

The X-Factor judge released her third solo LP Here I Am, Stateside this week and guests at the New York bash included Brit singer Estelle, rapper Big Sean, model Jessica White and actress Adrienne Bailon.

Although Kelly recently said in an interview that DC will NOT be getting back together, seeing all three former members together does bring on some wishful thinking – plus it wouldn’t be the first time a celeb did a U-turn. So I still believe a reunion could be on the cards. Maybe not anytime soon, but sometime down the line (hopefully).

Kelly Rowland Goes Topless In Sexy New Artwork!

Kelly Rowland released her new album Here I Am this past Tuesday and inside the LP’s booklet, the X-Factor judge is looking sexier than ever in her most daring photoshoot to date.

The 30-year-old singer goes topless – and even bottomless – in some snaps. But the pics all look tasteful and the former Destiny’s Child singer is not olny at the best stage in her life career-wise, she’s also looking her best too.

Go Kelendria. I look for forward to hearing the album.

Kelly Rowland Admits That It Took Her A long Time To Recognise Her Own Beauty!

For the longest time Kelly Rowland‘s music hasn’t really been doing too great and the Former Destiny’s Child singer wasn’t getting the recognition she deserves. But 2011 seems to be the 30-year-old’s year. Not only is she looking better than ever, but her single “Motivation” recently topped the billboard charts and her urban inspired new album is set to put the star back on the global music map. Not to mention that new X-Factor contract.

But Ms Rowland admits that it took a while for her to really believe in herself and realize her true beauty…

Kelly recently wrote a piece for Essence about coming up in the music industry, finding a make-up that makes her feel beautiful, and working through self-esteem issues.

On understanding how make-up works:

I think that as consumers, we often go to different beauty brands and products and expect them to be magicians. I think it’s important for us to know what we have and what we’re working with, what we have and what we possess that we may want to bring out. Maybe you have amazing eyes or beautiful cheekbones or amazing lips. It’s really great to bring that out. I think it’s important to know what kind of skin you have, too. Is it dry, combination or oily? To know what you’re working with before you go heightens the whole beauty buying experience.

On not being comfortable with herself:

It took a long while for me to know that I’m beautiful. I remember going through this phase when I was younger of wanting to pass by mirrors and not look at them. That was so ridiculous. I’ve learned now that beauty starts from within. If you don’t know your worth, if you don’t know your value, if you don’t know how fantabulous you are — it’s going to be hard for other people to see it. Being appreciative of self, is beauty to me.

On her beauty icon and recognizing your worth:

One of my beauty icons is Oprah Winfrey. I love that fact that she’s so comfortable with herself. One of my favorite episodes of her show was when she showed millions of people how she woke up in the morning with no makeup on. That was so selfless and revealing. She’s very real and genuine and I love that. Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Same thing with Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson — especially as a kid, because they have brown skin like me. I remember looking at magazines and television and seeing someone that looked like me and seeing a piece of myself in them.

What I’ve learned is, take better care of yourself. When you make the decision to do that — that’s a step toward reinvention because you probably need it and in that moment, you deserve

It’s Official: Tulisa & Kelly Rowland Confirmed As New X-Factor Judges!

Gary Barlow, Tulisa, Kelly Roland (pic: Mock up)

After days of speculating whether Cheryl Cole will come back to the British X-Factor and if someone will be squeezed out to make way for the Girls Aloud star, the hoopla has finally been sorted, as ITV have officially confirmed that Kelly Rowland and Tulisa Contostavlos will be judges on this year’s X-Factor.

The former Destiny’s Child star and N-Dubz singer will join Take That’s Gary Barlow and only remaining original judge Louis Walsh, on the British reality talent show, which starts filming this Wednesday.

Peter Fincham, ITV Director of Television, said the judges have the  ”experience right across the music business to pick the stars of the future.  As multi-million selling artists, songwriters and pop masterminds, Gary, Tulisa, Kelly and Louis have huge breadth of appeal with our audience.”

Well, a huge congrats to both Kelly and Tulisa. This year’s X-Factor is going to be VERY different, but change is good. American Idol lost Simon Cowell last year, and since replacing the sharp-tongued Brit with singers Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, the show is actually doing even better than before.

Kelly Rowland To Release Two Versions Of LP!

The Wrap Up spoke with Kelly Rowland earlier this year where she told us about her excitement for her new album and said recording was going along very well. The R&B singer recently enjoyed UK chart success with the David Guetta produced club track ‘Commander’.

During a recent interview Rowland revealed that there will be two versions of her new LP, one for the US and one that has more dance themed tracks for overseas. When asked by radio show Mad Hatta if her new album will follow the same club theme like ‘Commander,’ she replied: “It has pieces of it. Pitbull and I did a song together called ‘Take Everything’ that I love. Those dance records are actually exclusive for overseas only.”

Beyonce & Kelly Still BFF’s

For all those doubting Kelly and Beyonce are still friends, this picture will prove the former Destiny’s Child ladies are still friends. It’s  been a while since the two were pictured together and since the band parted ways, the two have never worked together musically, so the gossip columns and blogs have been reporting the childhood best friends are no longer ‘sisters’.

Rest assure DC fans, all is well between the two singers. Kelly drove up to Manchester this week to join Beyonce watch her hubby Jay-Z and Drake perform live.

On other related DC news, it seems there won’t be a DC reunion anytime soon. Speculation has been rife recenty that the original ladies are all going to reunite for a tour and possibly release some new material. But Mathew Knowles – DC manager and Beyonce’s father – has released a statement saying there will be NO reunion.

Aw that’s a shame. But hey, The Spice Girls said they’d never reunite again, so all hope isn’t lost DC fans.

Kelly Rowland Is A Bikini Beach Babe

So it’s the 1st of June. Technically it should be sunny spring with summer just around the corner. Well in reality living in England summer is a rare luxury. So although we’re in June, outside is raining and cold – thank God I’m going to Madrid in a few days.

A city that never has to worry about the sun is Miami. Check out the lovely  Kelly Rowland looking fab in a one piece on a Miami beach. Jealous? Just a tad. 




Kelly’s new single “Commander” is out now. Click here –> to read the interview I did with her last week for MTV.

Destiny’s Child Reunion????

Rumours have been rife recently that all members of Destiny’s Child, old and new, will be reuniting for a one off show, which could possibly lead to a tour and maybe even releasing a new single. I grew up on Destiny’s Child, so this possible reunion is very exciting news for me, but I never buy into all the hearsay that flies around, as most time it usually turns out to be just hot air…

However, after seeing the pictures of original DC members Kelly Rowland and Letoya Luckett looking very ‘chummy’ earlier this week on the red carpet for E! 20th Anniversary, it got me thinking, maybe this could actually happen.

Apparently Mathew Knowles Beyonce’s dad and ex-DC manager – is very keen to get this project underway. Come on Mathew, you have to make this happen!