MTV Movie Awards: Sandra Bullock & Scarlett Kiss


Last night was the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and in true MTV style there’s always some OMFG moments. In the past we’ve had the infamous Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears kiss, Britney’s shambolic performance, Borat Sticking his bare buttocks in Eminem‘s face and Kanye West stage rushing Taylor Swift. And this year was no exception.

Sandra Bullock has been all over the tabloids and Gossip magazines recently. This year the veteran actress won her first Oscar, but that joy was shot lived and overshadowed by the revelations of her husband, biker Jesse James, cheating on her with numerous woman, most notoriously with Michelle ‘the bombshell’ Mcgee.

Since then the tabloids have been following Bullock like a plague. The actress had been in hiding for weeks, but when she did finally emerge in the public eye, she revealed to the world she had adopted a little baby boy ( Louis from New Orleans).

The MTV Movie Awards was one of her first official red carpet events since the whole scandal broke and my my did she make it one to remember. The Blind Sight actress locked lips with fellow sexy actress Scarlet Johansson.


It’s never a dull day at an MTV Awards bash.