Skins: The Movie

Skins is officially being made into a movie. The controversial British TV series has continued to be successful, despite changing its entire cast. I watched the first series of the show and thought it was great. Its gritty portrayal of teen life is very real and reflects reality in many parts of the country. 

The movie is set for release in summer of 2011 and will follow a whole new set of teens, but will also feature some familiar faces.

Steve Christian, one of the film’s producers, said in a statement:

The biggest critics of Skins are the Skins fans so it’s going to be a big challenge. The programme has this incredible fanbase despite all the characters changing. Skins has grown in popularity with more than 1.5 million people tuning in to the start of the recent fourth series. Although its target audience is teenagers, it has become something of a guilty pleasure for curious viewers far older. Look, I’m a middled aged bloke with two kids, I should hate Skins but I absolutely love it. And then I talk to my mates, people not in the film industry, and it’s the same thing – they watch it and they love it and it’s all down to the quality of the production. Turning TV shows into films doesn’t happen so much these days, probably because there’s not the material out there. But what we don’t want to do is to make a 90 minute episode of Skins. It would be a complete disaster.

Charles Martin will direct the movie and staff writer Jack Thorne will be handling the screenplay